Do you resent the amount of time you spend commuting to and from work? Your time is incredibly precious, it shouldn’t be spent on cramped, sweaty public transport!

Not only could you be spending your time doing more interesting things in the wondrous city that is London, but studies show that your commute may actually be killing you…

Yep, you heard right! So here’s the sitch; the European Union has legislation which states that cattle cannot be transported in a temperature environment higher than 30C. However, in the sweltering heat of London this week (finally!), some public transport can and will far exceed this…

Your train turns into an packed and sweaty, rumbling sauna.

It’s no wonder with the high temperatures, bustling crowds at rush hour and the general unpleasantness of lengthy commutes, that research points to commutes longer than 30 minutes shortening your life expectancy.

This is clearly a massive issue. For graduates, new to the working world, a short, pleasant commute can really make a difference in both mindsets towards working and in extending life it seems!

This is why rental property startup Ems and graduate recruitment company Graduate Fasttrack have teamed up! Graduates on the path to starting out their new career and working life, have to start considering commuting. And with long and arduous commutes a severe detriment to well-being, we want to make a change!

This is where Ems comes in…

Ems really gets to know graduates and their specific needs in order to help them find the perfect work-life balance. A short commute, affordable rent, and exciting area for enjoying life are paramount!

For example, a graduate who has just been hired into a business development role in the City of London, would be best suited living somewhere like Bethnal Green because the area has affordable properties, interesting things to do (not to mention great foodie spots!), AND is a great commute for a grad working in the City as it’s only one stop on the Central Line. The dream!

So fear not London, there really are actual, realistic ways you can have a shorter commute or at least a more pleasant one, it just might be that you weren’t aware of all your options!

We’re here and care for you, and want the process of living and working in London to be easier for you and, most importantly, not be shaving years off your life…!